Our Vision

    Design and implementation of all kinds of functional models. The ready model is expected to become as lifelike as the original.

Our Achievement

    We are going to fulfill almost all wishes regarding modelling of vehicles.

1.         Our Shop

            Here you can find many different vehicles of our own production as well as from our

            suppliers. They can be ordered as finished models or as kits. Furthermore, the complete

            accessory around the technical modelling is shown here.

2.         Special Designs

    We will be glad to advise you regarding construction projects for all kinds of either wheel or track vehicles and can also make parts according to your wishes and measures on our special machines. Individual offers upon request.

Our Expertise and Quality

    Please have a look into our virtual gallery, where you can see all our models and parts which are made with utmost possible preciseness. Among others you can see several vehicles which we made for industrial customers in the past.

    It goes without saying that only materials are used which guarantee high stability and attention to details. Besides, newest technologies for the production of scale units for your models are available, which will meet nearly all your requests.

    Enjoy browsing through our descriptions – we are prepared to answer all of your questions.


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